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I have some great ideas on how to use your chalk markers! My name is Patrick and I just discovered chalk markers recently. Here’s what I found out.


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Kitchen clutter can be difficult to deal with, but one great way to get it under control is to use chalkboard labels and chalk markers. These handy labels are great for labeling jars and canisters attractively and easily. Select the shape and design of label you want and simply fill it out with a good looking, easy to use chalk marker.

There are lots of different designs in chalkboard labels. Choose from checkerboard designs, plaque shapes and more. They are excellent for organizing your own kitchen shelves or creating unique gifts of jams, jellies and so on.

If you are especially artistic, you can even make pictures on larger chalkboard labels to decorate your kitchen cabinets and other areas in your kitchen.  The markers come in lots of colors, so they are excellent for afternoon art projects around the kitchen table.

One really great thing about these labels is that you can wash the writing off the label and reuse it. This means you can change the contents of jars and containers as often as you like. You can reorganize as you wish. Chalk markers are completely washable. They are also non-toxic, so they can safely be used around food.

When you want to change a label entirely, chalkboard labels just pull right off without leaving a mess. Very often, you can use the same label again on a different container. All in all chalkboard labels provide great value because they are inexpensive to purchase in the first place and then they can be reused in many ways.

Using chalkboard labels and chalk markers to organize and decorate your kitchen is fun, creative, practical and affordable. In a world where almost everything seems overpriced and temporary, they are a welcome change. Why not get your kitchen organized today?

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